Fort Myers Holiday Cruises

It’s Time to Start Your Holiday Adventure

This holiday weekend, carve up the water aboard one of our pontoon boats. All you need to bring is some Holiday cheer and a celebratory attitude!

4th Of July Fireworks Cruise

Our captains know where to find the greatest fireworks displays in Southwest Florida. Depending on your preferences, they may seat you with a view of fireworks bursting all throughout town, or they can seat you just under the pyrotechnics, allowing you to stare straight up as the fireworks are shot over the lake.

Christmas Cruise

Cruise through some of the most spectacular light displays in the neighborhoods. Singing Christmas songs is optional and should only be done if you are a gifted vocalist.

St. Patricks Day Cruise

Green beer, shots, and mischief! Embark on a green booze cruise with your pals, where our captains may take you to a secluded beach for a celebration, bar hop, or simply anchor where the scenery is stunning.

Valentine’s Day

You may start your day or conclude your night by enjoying a private pontoon cruise to a secluded island. Where the happy couple may have a romantic beach picnic. Alternatively, we might locate a quiet spot to watch the sunset and have a picnic on the boat.

Book A Tour

Give us a call to speak with our captains about booking a tour.

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